"The Biological Philosophy"

We all know that the world is not only for us but also for our children, our grandchildren and the generations to follow and we should try to pass it on better than it came to us.

That is why the Giotto hotel and Spa have decided on a policy particularly attentive to Health and Environment.

The “biological philosophy” ‘Bios’ from ancient Greek meaning life; ‘Logy’ speech, discussion, study.

Biological then as a defense of life linked to health and consciousness as we propose them in our hotel.

We started by using only 100% biodegradable products from the courtesy line: all certified Bio with ICEA.
We continued using electricity from innovative, renewable “certified” sources – expensive and difficult to achieve given that we are in the heart of a World Heritage Site.

As for heating and hot water our hydraulic pump unit is now connected to TELERISCALDAMENTO with its distribution system passing through a network of insulated pipes and water coming from a large underground central supply.

Our container bags are now made with a biodegradable certificate and we have begun to eliminate other plastic products though this is not so easy.

We have not forgotten and are now able to offer allergy-free rooms (to be requested in advance).

These rooms have been cleaned with Oxygen Trivalent (03) and water steam at 160 degrees.

Hygienic 03 destroyes harmful components and irritants in the air and eliminates odor. And the power of steam at such a high temperature clean and sanitizes, penetrating deeply into carpets and upholstery as well as the surfaces of all other furniture.

"Bio - allergen" mattresses, pillows and bed linen guarantee effective protection from arachnids and allergens.

Thus together these precautions have eliminated 99% of all sources of pollution making it possible even for such people as have severe allergy problems to enjoy a restful, trouble-free holiday away from their own home environment.

We are aware, of course, that all these procedures involve a significant increase in costs but we want to reassure our guests that such extra expenses will not be passed on to them.

There remains only the correct use of water, precious and essential to all of us, which we leave to the conscience of individual. Remembering, however, that careful consumption and avoidance of waste will allow all peoples to have their share.

Allergy Friendly Rooms

General Manager

Icea Certification
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